I Wrote 10,000 Words Every Day For An Entire Year

10,000 Words Every Day
Escobar: 10,000 Words Every Day

Intoxicating Incoherence: A Slurred Saga of Words and Whiskey

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! I’m Captain Tipsy, the world’s most intoxicated pilot, and this is my trusty imaginary monkey, Mr. Slapdash. We’re here to regale you with tales of our bizarre quest: writing 10,000 words every day of utter gibberish for an entire year. With a final word count of 3,650,000, it’s been a wild, whiskey-soaked ride that drove us both to the brink of madness.

The Boozy Beginning: A Hazy Origin Story

Our inebriated escapade began on a drunken whim. We set out to prove that even the most nonsensical ramblings could amount to something… well, something. So, we poured ourselves a glass (or several) and embarked on a journey of slurred speech and garbled genius.

The First Sip: A Spirited Descent into Chaos

Our initial attempts at writing were a cacophony of chaos. Mr. Slapdash clung to the typewriter, pounding out sentences about inebriated iguanas and tipsy toucans. As for me, I swayed in my pilot’s chair, penning a treatise on the merits of marinating olives in moonshine.

The Stumbling Blocks: Boredom, Booze, and a Bouncing Monkey

As the days wore on, we encountered countless challenges. With each glass of whiskey, our boredom grew, driving us to concoct increasingly outlandish tales. Here are some of the “highlights” of our haphazard journey:

  1. The Great Gargle-Off: A thrilling account of an underwater gargling competition between a school of drunken fish and a team of gin-soaked gerbils.
  2. The Muddled Mixologist: The tale of a sloshed sloth who opens a treetop cocktail bar, specializing in slow-drip daiquiris and lethargic libations.
  3. Banana Hammocks and Bourbon: Mr. Slapdash’s magnum opus, a nonsensical narrative about a cabal of inebriated monkeys who embark on a quest to discover the perfect banana-infused bourbon.

As the words poured forth, our sanity waned. I drowned my boredom in bottomless glasses of whiskey, while Mr. Slapdash literally bounced off the walls, driven mad by our ludicrous literary exploits.

The Blotto Finale: A Toast to 3,650,000 Words of Nonsense

As our year of booze-fueled babble came to a close, we surveyed the wreckage of our literary lunacy. With a final word count of 3,650,000, we had crafted a nonsensical narrative of epic proportions.

So, here’s to our inebriated odyssey, a testament to the absurdity that can emerge from the depths of boredom and the bottom of a whiskey glass. May our haphazard hijinks serve as a reminder that sometimes, the most amusing adventures arise from the strangest of circumstances.

Cheers, dear reader, and may your own tales be filled with laughter, libations, and a healthy dose of lunacy.

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